Scary stories

Scary stories

Our Mondays Pet group have been practising story writing and pronunciation with this project.

We hope you enjoy it!!

The stories:


Hello. I’m Abril and this is my story. Twenty years ago, at Halloween night, my friends and I decided to do a scary and funny adventure, this is the worst idea of my life.

The thing Is that we were in the middle of the forest when we saw the typical abandoned and enchanted house. We were Mariago, Mariage, Onion and me. Then, Onion had the brilliant idea of entering the house. At the beginning, I didn’t want to enter because I thought that it was very dangerous, but all of my friends started to laugh at me, so I had no option.

After that, when we entered the house, there was complete silence, but at a certain moment we heard a very strong noise, and Mariago and Mariage left the house, running and shouting. I have to accept it, I was scared too, a lot, but I didn’t want Onion to think that I am a coward.

Honestly, Onion and me weren’t very good friends, because of too reasons. First, we are not in the samen school, and second, lots of years ago her dad died because of my dad. Well, that’s what Onion says; my mum says a completely different story.

A few seconds later, I felt a knife cutting my heart in very little pieces.

And now, you are probably thinking: how are you writing this if you died that night?

I don’t even know it. It is a miracle of science. You will know it when you die.

Ona and Abril


It was a night of 1909 that William and Jack were walking through the forest when they saw an abandoned house. William was so curious and he wanted to go closer. They decided to enter and the first thing they saw was a medium aged man. Dead. They wanted to discover who killed the poor man. Will, that was the bravest, entered and he heard a strange noise. They thought that it came from the attic. Also, they saw a baby bed moving and Jack, that was very intelligent, thought that the murderer wanted the victim’s baby. Then they saw a note that said: “Help!”. They had to continue investigating. So, they went upstairs and they heard the noise again. Now they knew for sure that it was the baby crying.

Upstairs, there were baby’s toys. When William was catching one of them, Jack saw a shadow going upstairs, and they followed him without thinking. They arrived to the attic and they found the baby on the floor, but there were no signs of the murderer. There was a woman hooked in a rope; maybe she was the mother. Immediately, Jack tried to untie her and William closed the door to leave the man inside.

Next, the called the police, but when they arrived there was no one in the room.

They walked around the house and they found a broken window, that was the proof that the murderer jumped through it.

“There’s people that nowadays still think that his spirit is already there killing people”.

Maria Gi and María Go

The music:

Peaceful Forest - Into Oblivion by Darren Curtis

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Day of Chaos by Kevin MacLeod |

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